Use these design ideas for your next home. We can help you find tile to match your vision and help you develop your style as well.

Pantone's 2020 Color of the Year

pantone-color-of-the-year-2020-classic-blue R
Ponder Colors

Ponder the possibilities of Classic Blue blended with warm earth tones.

Ponder Harmonies R
Desert Twilight Colors

Desert Twilight creates a vision of the sky just before sunset.

Desert Twilight Harmonies R
Exotic Tastes Colors

Exoctic Tastes is a pallet of rich warm tones with Classic Blue. 

Exotic Tastes Harmonies R
Snorkel Colors

Snorkel is vibrant and fun and mixed with Classic Blue is a great design. 

Snorkel Harmonies R
Untraditional Colors

Untraditional is exciting and shimmers to make a space truly shine.

Untraditional Harmonies R